Saturday, August 21, 2010

Along with the rapid growth of blogs, online earning programs were also  Developed. One of the programs paid review of my favorites is SponsoredReviews.

As the name implies, means that review paid reviews paid. Yes now a program that  Can make money by doing a specific review on the blog. If you know an advertorial  In the newspaper, such as that paid reviews. So, you are paid to write a review  About the site or specific products.

Paid reviews are included in the category of true affiliate programs. Where are  You, a blogger who joined a site called brokers or middlemen. Only difference you  Paid for the promotion, without having to sell anything at all. Once the review  Is completed written and publish it on the blog, then the dollar becomes your  Reward will be paid immediately.

This is the more points paid review. Rewards obtained based on a review written,  Not on sale. Of course such a system is far more profitable than other programs  That requires you to sell something in advance to earn a commission.

For beginner bloggers are paid review courses idol. Yes, quite a capital of a  Free blog on Blogger, a blogger was able to enroll in the program paid review and  Get paid. Compare with other programs that have a difficult requirement, ranging  From the need to have your own domain name, PageRank, popularity, number of RSS  Subscribers and many more.

Uniquely, though popular, references about paid reviews very rarely found.

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