Google Search Real Time Has Special Access

Friday, August 27, 2010

Search Special Access in real time the functioning of public displays latest content from sites like Twitter and Facebook, now has its own web address. Obviously, the presence of increasingly easy access to search for that special date content.

So far, Google users are already able to search real time. As is known, Google began to include real-time link in the search results since December last year. But to be able to see it, the user need to click the option 'latest' and 'updates' on the left column to filter the search results in real time.

Well, now Google's real-time search can be conducted in a separate web address, i.e. Web filtering is already armed with the ability to select and display the updated content.

In addition to improving search capabilities, real time, web feature to narrow down choices for a more specific search results. For example, users can notify Google if they only want search results from a particular geographic location or simply display the image search results.

Another feature that instilled the ability to see the whole thread or conversation that was posted from Twitter, so users can fully understand the context of the conversation.

Another addition, Google also added search features alerts for these search results in real time. So that the user is not going to miss knowing the latest news to be reminded via e-mail notifications in.

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