Scientists Create a Solar Panel Tooth Brush

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Japan's sophisticated warehouse innovation. In fact, tools such as a toothbrush can be made into something with embedded high-tech solar panel technology. This unique tool called Soladey-J3X and is designed by Dr. and Dr. Kunio Komiyama. Gerry Uswak.

Berause brings sophisticated technology, the workings of this tool is different from traditional toothbrushes in general. This tool does not require toothpaste when used.

This can be done and your mouth was claimed to be free from germs. Because, Soladey-J3X utilizing solar panels to transmit electrons to the brush head.

Well, the electrons will then react with the acid in the mouth and creates a chemical reaction that can break down plaque and kill bacteria. The reliability of this equipment was already tested by a company called The Shiken.

When I tried to be tested, said Soladey-J3X able to prove themselves in killing bacteria that hide in the surrounding teeth.

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Nathan said...

Wow! A solar panel tooth brush that does not require toothpaste is truly amazing. Who could have imagined using electrons to break down plaque and kill bacteria? The scientists behind this invention are exceptionally brilliant. In these modern days when everyone is technologically equipped with gadgets and computers, having a solar tooth brush that does not require toothpaste is still surprising.
Nathan Bedingfield

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