Google Search Real Time Has Special Access

Friday, August 27, 2010

Search Special Access in real time the functioning of public displays latest content from sites like Twitter and Facebook, now has its own web address. Obviously, the presence of increasingly easy access to search for that special date content.

Sumo Difficulties 'Conquer' Keypad Mobile

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sumo, an ancient sport of Japanese origin was interesting to watch. But do you know if the wrestlers were having difficulty in playing his fingers on the phone keypad.

Yahoo! Official Hold Bing

Yahoo! completes the transition as the search engine usage Bing official in the region of Canada and the United States. This marks Microsoft's efforts to compete with Google.

Blog monetization, Not Just Writing Content and Traffic Generating

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is the increase in traffic is always followed by the increase in income?

The answer is relative. Depending on the content, especially from the scope of material covered, as well as from blog monetization program is used.

Exit Strategy

For some reason, few outside e-book that I read recently in a compact enough to include the discussion of exit strategy. Already know what food's exit strategy? If not, try to see what Wikipedia says this:

WordPress Blog Optimization

Tips Even the popular blog engine for a reliable and easy to use, WordPress CMS, which is also known as wasteful of server resources. For normal use is not very subtle, but if our site has been visited by thousands of visitors, ranging unnoticed spots. Besides can lead to suspend by hosting parties, like the few times I had shared with HostGator, also sometimes unwittingly, about the blog can lead to good performance is not the maximum number of visitors. That is, there are some visitors who come but can not enjoy our blog with good content because there is a problem with loading the server.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Along with the rapid growth of blogs, online earning programs were also  Developed. One of the programs paid review of my favorites is SponsoredReviews.

As the name implies, means that review paid reviews paid. Yes now a program that  Can make money by doing a specific review on the blog. If you know an advertorial  In the newspaper, such as that paid reviews. So, you are paid to write a review  About the site or specific products.

Scientists Create a Solar Panel Tooth Brush

Japan's sophisticated warehouse innovation. In fact, tools such as a toothbrush can be made into something with embedded high-tech solar panel technology. This unique tool called Soladey-J3X and is designed by Dr. and Dr. Kunio Komiyama. Gerry Uswak.

Honeycomb, Android Next Family Member

Barely mobile operating system Android and Android Froyo 2.2 3.0 (or also called 2.3) Gingerbread appeared in many mobile phones in the world, Google is reportedly already preparing for the continuation of the series, dubbed the next Android Honeycomb.

For iPad, Google Change Gmail Views

Friday, August 20, 2010

For iPad, Google Change Gmail Views

Not to be outdone by the new layout of Yahoo Mail that 'friendly' for the iPad, Google also made some changes to the interface or view the Gmail service for tablet computers made by Apple.